Ep #198: Breaking the Institutional Barriers of Multifamily and Setting Sights on 20,000+ Doors – with Brian Burke

podcast-artwork-400 In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with CEO of Praxis Capital, Brian Burke.

Brian started his career like many Real Estate Professionals typically do: By Flipping or Holding Single-Family Homes. Surprisingly, his career exploded between 2008-2010 at the height of the Recession as he focused all of his attention on purchasing distressed Real Estate.

Now at 2000 doors, Brian and his company are now setting their sights on 10X’ing that number to 20,000 doors — or die trying. Enjoy this episode as Brian dives into exactly what’s in store for Praxis in the upcoming years.

[10:21] Brian talks about the shift Praxis is making. Why 20k doors, and how will Praxis do it?
[13:05] How has Brian shifted leadership within his company to account for the big change?
[17:13] What are some of the benefits of chasing institutional capital for this growth?
[19:48] What really excites Brian about the market right now?
[25:50] How has Brian been able to attract Top Talent?
[36:56] What is the best piece of advice Brian has ever recieved?
[38:37] How did Brian get his head back in the game after the Recession?

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