Ep #204: Falling Forward into Raw Land Flipping — with Jack & Michelle Bosch


In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin chats with Multifamily and Raw Land Investing experts Jack & Michelle Bosch.

Beginning in 2002, the couple were tired of their corporate positions and searched for an alternative career. Out of sheer serendipity, Jack and Michelle landed on purchasing a piece of raw land in their neighborhood for $400, then flipping it for $4000. Needless to say, they were hooked from then on.

In addition, the couple has developed an educational arm of their business to help others create the same level of success they have by unpacking the tools and methods used to find raw land parcels suitable for flipping.


[10:30] Jack & Michelle’s background, including their story of immigration to the USA.
[18:10] What are the seller’s motivations for selling land?
[36:36] What are asset classes are the two in?
[48:28] What are Jack & Michelle’s acquisition strategies?
[55:40] Final closing thoughts.

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