Ep #206: The Opportunity in Opportunity Zones — with Phillip Coover

rrP5aUhk In this episode of The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Phillip Coover; an experienced commercial real estate attorney and advisor skilled in closing complex real estate transactions.

His background as a litigator, business owner and licensed broker provides clients with a “big-picture” approach to corporate real estate transactions and sales. Phillip is also the host of a top-notch real estate podcast called “Real Estate for Breakfast.”

During this conversation, Phillip and Kevin specifically focus on the topic of Opportunity Zones, helping to demystify the topic and give the listeners actionable steps to investing in their first opportunity zones.


[6:50] What is Phillip’s Background?
[10:10] What is an Opportunity Zone?
[14:36] What can you expect from an Opportunity Zone?
[21:54] What are the risks of buying into an Opportunity Zone?
[29:32] Closing Remarks

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