Ep #208: Creating Solutions for Workforce Housing — with Daniel Alexander


In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Daniel Alexander; Principal at AH Capital.

Daniel originally cut his teeth in the industry buying single-family homes in Southern California early in his career, eventually transitioning his focus to distressed multifamily properties in transitioning neighborhoods. Daniel now has oversight of all acquisition, construction, and branding efforts behind AH Capital and its subsidiaries.

It’s no surprise that affordable housing is in short supply nationwide, leaving many individuals and families in dire need. In addition to AH Capital, Daniel is a Managing Partner at Real Estate Asset Partners (REAP), which aims to reverse this trend and improve the lives of their tenants.


[6:19] Daniel’s Background
[12:48] How does Daniel mitigate his risk when purchasing properties?
[22:37] What role did Daniel’s early mentor play in his early success?
[30:26] How did Daniel build his property management subsidiary?
[33:32] What excites Daniel, and what Scares him in the market?
[39:04] Closing thoughts.

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