Ep #209: A Unique Spin on the Assisted Living Model — with Loe Hornbuckle

48Vjr39wIn this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Loe Hornbuckle; CEO of Sage Oak Assisted Living in Dallas, Texas.

Loe originally cut his teeth in business as a car salesman while in Louisiana. Pulled by the desire to do something greater, Loe later relocated to Dallas to work in a multifamily management company — eventually investing his sweat into his first Assisted Living Facilities with the help of a high net worth investor.

Loe now operates 5 main properties that fill a need significantly lacking in his markets; Re-Creating the warmth and comfort of home for all of his tenants.



[5:47] Loe’s background
[9:48] What was Loe’s first deal like, and how did he scale to 5 properties in 18 months?
[21:25] What does the expense ratio look like running a campus-like assisted living model?
[25:22] What is Loe’s due diligence process?
[33:05] What is Loe’s exit strategy?
[37:24] Closing thoughts

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