Ep #210: Leadership and Finding the Right Talent for your Company — with Matt Slepin

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin Shares the mic with Matt Slepin; Founder of Terra Search Partners and Host of the “Leading Voices” Podcast.

Matt’s extensive background in real estate and interest in recruitment fully culminated when he opened Terra’s doors in 2006, where he found his unique calling. Terra Search Partners helps companies in Commercial Real Estate staff for the best talent and the greatest fit, and for anyone from the REIT to the Mom & Pop.

Matt also has gained significant leadership insight from hosting his own podcast and interacting with so many talented employees and founders within Terra. Enjoy this episode as the two dissect make-or-break leadership qualities, and what has made Matt a success.


[6:16] Matt’s Background
[11:00] What does Terra Search Partners do?
[19:32] What are Matt’s top leadership lessons he’s learned over the years?
[31:23] What’s Matt’s current thoughts on the RE cycle now?
[33:57] Closing Thoughts.

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