Ep #213: Getting funding by the Self-Directed IRA — with Scott Maurer

h3uF5a9gWithout access to a high net worth individual or family office, are you out of options to syndicate real estate deals? Not quite.
In fact, Scott Maurer of Advanta IRA knows of a method to solicit funding from the untapped trillions locked away in the average American’s retirement accounts; via a self-directed IRA.

In this episode, Kevin and Scott discuss the self-directed IRA as a vehicle for average investors to purchase real estate using their IRA funds; converting their traditional IRA into a structure that is allowed to invest in assets outside the confines of the stock market.

[6:58] What is Scott’s Background?
[9:23] Why are self-directed IRAs rare? What can you do with one?
[15:35] Pros & Cons of investing in RE through an IRA structure.
[21:32] What’s the advantages of working with Advanta?
[24:48] How to raise capital from self-directed IRA account holders.
[32:01] Closing thoughts.

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