Ep #214: Blue Lake Capital — with Ellie Perlman


This episode of the REIFCF podcast features real estate investment expert, Ellie Perlman, who is the founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a firm that specializes on multifamily properties. She also runs a podcast and a blog that focuses on passive investing.

Kevin and Ellie discuss valuable data and tips for anyone looking to invest or further a career in real estate. They dive into the current market conditions and creative practices and relate those with their own experiences that could give the listener fresh insights into real estate and investment.



“The better syndicators have the capacity and the willingness to sit down with you and explain concepts.”

“Once I understood that real estate investing was my path, then that was it. And for me it was moving forward in full speed.”

“I just had this desire of being the general of my own path. I wanted to create something that [my kids can inherit] and build a legacy.”

“For a market to be a solid market, it has to have a job growth, population growth and rent growth and those are all connected.”

“Seeing the prices that other companies pay for real estate and that scares me because it’s definitely going to affect the market going forward and it affects it already. I’m losing deals to companies that bid higher than me and I mean they’re either very comfortable with a lot lower returns but mainly they’re being  a little too optimistic than they should be.”

“The vast majority of passive investors don’t look at the exit cap rate and they don’t ask about it.”

“You see other folks who got very nice marketing materials but if you really dig into how they they’re arriving at those overall projections, or the IRR’s that they’re stating, you gotta understand the components that make that up. And the exit cap is one of the primary components that ultimately determine what the range looks like and what it might look like for the investor. “

“Building credibility is an art. You need to follow up with them for every deal that you’re looking into and explain to them why a certain deal didn’t work out. “



08:06 Overview of Ellie started her career in law and transitioned to real estate before 2007

11:00 Kevin and Ellie talk about the knowledge that can be learned from being a passive investor.

13:40 The advantages of being on the general partnership side and the relationship of lender and investor.

15:40 Ellie’s transitions between job positions and the climactic shift in her career

18:20 Talk on ways to learn how to handle your own and other people’s money.

20:29 Ellie explains why she chose states where she invested in and what factored into her decisions.

22:45 Discussion on new and current opportunities and their IRR’s.

30:06 The current market and what is exciting and scary about it.

32:10 Kevin and Ellie talk about cap rates and how it factors into investments.

37:10 Ellie discusses deal sourcing and advises inexperienced people on how to potentially start out in real estate.

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