Ep #215: Equialt — with Bryan Davison

4f-_ZPlwBryan gives some valuable insights on running a real estate business. He dives into the advantages of the no leverage approach to business, the culture at EquiAlt and the types of investments and investors he deals with.

Kevin and Brian’s discussion provides valuable tips and insights on hiring, choosing asset classes, property management and even provides inspiration based from personal experiences, from dealing with the recession to current market conditions.


“Pain is one of the greatest teachers in life.”

“I wasn’t gonna believe the banks, I wasn’t gonna believe Wall Street anymore and I wanted to do everything I could to dissociate myself personally and the money business from ever needing Wall Street bank money again.”

“All my investors do not have a direct interest in the investment, so that allows me complete management discretion.. If that doesn’t work for someone, it doesn’t work for me either.”

“I really hire for talent and personality, not exactly the specific job skill set.”

“They like EquiAlt products simply because they see us as more stable and we can be a little more transparent with them.”

“When I buy something, I plan on having it for a while.”

Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Kevin & Brian bounced back after the housing crash
  • Bryan’s business structure
  • Asset classes and how Bryan makes his decisions
  • Bryan discusses the markets he is in
  • Bryan explains the type of investors he works with
  • Bryan’s take on Property Management
  • How the economy has healedJob Opportunities with my Team: Click Here

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