Ep #221: Leveraging Technology To Create an Amazing Resident Experience & Increase Retention Rates – with LiveBixby.co

LP5woWl1In this week’s episode of the Real Estate Investment for Cash Flow podcast, Kevin brings in Derek Phillips, business development manager of Bixby. Bixby is a team of technologists that work with real estate professionals to improve residential experience. It also functions as an app with cloud based tools and services.

Derek explains what Bixby is all about and why real estate owners and managers should look into it. Kevin and Derek dive into Bixby’s features, case scenarios that benefitted clients and the types of markets the company is invested in at the moment. Derek also talks about Bixby’s future, moving forward.


“Really the idea is that anything your residents need to be able to do in their home, they should be able to do in one place.”

“We need to integrate with the accounting, we don’t want to create additional work for any management, we want to make their lives easier.”

“The idea Bixby is really that, we should be able to serve especially in the multi-family space, all asset classes and help it in some way.”

“I think it [Bixby] can really be a major differentiator for your residents’ experience in your building, help with retention and help with attraction as well.”

“Everything we built has been a direct request of the client.”

Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is Bixby? How was it started?
  • Derek provides some examples on how clients benefitted from utilizing Bixby
  • Bixby’s pricing
  • Other extra features that Bixby offers
  • What markets is Bixby involved in today?

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