Ep #225: Capitalizing on Overlooked Commercial Opportunities – with Ian Ross

_RwXpd-EThis week’s episode of the Real Estate Investing For Cashflow podcast features real estate investment expert Ian Ross, founder of Somera Road, Inc; a real estate private equity firm based in New York. Somera takes an entrepreneurial and creative approach to value -add, opportunistic real estate in non-core markets. Since its inception in 2014, it has acquired about 10.5 million square feet in real estate across twenty US cities.

Listeners get a glimpse of how Somera operates as Ian shares details on certain projects they’re currently involved in. Ian also shares some perspectives on development and execution and how Somera envisions value in real estate.


“If you have grown up around sophisticated, highly complex, large-scale markets like New York city, and you understand how to underwrite those markets, I could take you to Cleveland and we could look at the relevant office buildings and you could figure out supply and demand, how people live, work, play, move, where they want to be, how they want to be there and how they’re willing to pay to be there, fairly quickly.”

“We’re very micro-economic focused and focused on a deal by deal basis.”

“We do what we say we’re gonna do and I think that by taking that approach, we become a great liquidity provider to a lot of sellers who are looking for surety of close.”

“I’m just trying to learn information and input that information to analysis, it’s not that hard.”


  • 5:10 Ian’s background
  • 9:04 Ian explains what they do at Somera
  • 21:10 Deals and opportunities
  • 31:54 How does Somera identify opportunity?
  • 39:36 Thoughts on autonomous vehicles


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