Ep #227: Expanding a Successful Construction Company from the Culture Up – with Ira Singer

QMYtgr8T this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow podcast, Kevin welcomes real estate investment and construction expert, Ira Singer. With over twenty years of experience in construction, Ira is currently the principal of Mosaic construction and he is involved in new business development, estimating, construction, production, project management of trade partner and vendor relationships.

Ira talks about Mosaic Construction and shares the ‘secret sauce’ in how his team successfully expanded their market by molding their philosophy, being visible to the community and building relationships then communicating their story effectively.

“We prefer the design-build methodology, it helps the client, it helps the management team, it helps everybody streamline the construction process which how it all comes together for Mosaic Construction.”

“The mosaic way is open communication, transparency, close the loop and when you’re doing that in construction and you have clients that understand the value of that so they don’t have to babysit the project, they can focus on their investment and their next deals…”

“We’re really good at building relationships and working in the community, and having an impeccable reputation. That really helps.”

“We have a branding and sales marketing consultant that work with us to make sure that we have a healthy culture, that our team understands what we’re trying to accomplish out there everyday.”

“Our construction partner is key, and I don’t think there’s a tremendous amount of decision-making to bring that person early on in the process, when we’ve pre-walked the final two or three assets that are being considered so we can help with the due diligence process and create real numbers for various components for construction. That’s what a good construction partner will do.”  


  • 5:36 Ira’s background
  • 9:24 How Mosaic Construction work with clients
  • 12:41 How Mosaic expanded into a national level
  • 18:09 Asset types that Mosaic is more focused on
  • 21:20 How did Mosaic survive at the time of the housing crash?
  • 28:24 Mosaic’s transparency
  • 33:04 Merging Ira’s window company with Mosaic


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