Ep #235: Capitalizing on the Cannabis BOOM! — with Andy Poticha

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin brings in Andy Poticha. Andy is involved in the unique and independent niche of designing and building cannabis facilities across the country. His team has designed and built twenty different cannabis specific projects. 

Kevin and Andy dive into the topic of the cannabis industry and the unique nuances involving it. Andy shares how he got into the business and how this venture differs from the others. He also addresses certain challenges due to cannabis’ reputation and shares some insights about the industry’s rapid growth and what the future holds for his company’s niche in the business.


“The judgement of the success of a project for us is solely based on the unqualified recommendation from our clients.” 

“We didn’t at the time ever think we were ever going to be a national business and lo and behold, new industry, new direction.” 

“Right now, medicinal cannabis is legal in thirty-three states and recreational cannabis is legal in ten.”  

“The reality of it is, our approach to this part of the business is really no different than anything else that we had done..” 

“We function so that our clients can go off and do what they do best, which is to continue to grow their business and acquire more licenses and so on. And we, with their input, can handle all of navigating the minefields of the construction part of it.” 


  • 6:17 Andy’s background and how he grew his company 
  • 14:45 The current state of the Cannabis industry 
  • 17:05 Andy talks about entering the niche and managing growth 
  • 24:54 Challenges along the way 
  • 29:05 Opportunities and getting into the space

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