Ep #236: Learn the Power of KPI’s + How To Run a More Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investing Business — with Diane Vrkic

In this episode of Real Estate Investing for Cashflow, Kevin welcomes real estate and technology expert, Diane Vrkic. Diane is the founder and CEO of Waypoint, a platform whose mission is to build tools that let real estate owners and operators capitalize on their data and maximize performance of their teams and portfolios.

In the podcast, Diane talks about finding her calling in real estate while being a medical student and how she came to identify some problems in the way the business operates. Diane then gives a detailed outlook on how Waypoint works and how the platform’s operational services differ in terms of the client’s company size. She also shares some important values in Waypoint’s company culture and how their team is motivated.


“What you really have to do is to find something that you really love doing, it can’t just be the idea of what you’re doing, it has to be the day-to-day..”

“What’s really interesting to me about real estate is that all the information is done manually, and it’s done on a one-off basis for individual assets, the information is not able to be leveraged in a meaningful way and the work kind of sucks.”

“When you have wonderful, exceptional people, you have to enable them to be thinking above and beyond, so that you’re continuously driving value in ways that your competitors are not.”

“Every investment professional needs to have all of the information about every one of their investments at their fingertips—they can do that within Waypoint, and then they can essentially have a system that’s also working to support some of the work around tracking, managing, identifying when things are not working according to plan, and just allowing for there to be a system that is essentially a record for the day-to-day performance management.”

“The common thread at Waypoint is that folks are really intrinsically motivated.”


  • 8:27 Diane’s background and how she got into real estate
  • 17:01 What led Diane to found Waypoint?
  • 27:03 How Waypoint works
  • 32:34 The ideal client size for utilizing Waypoint’s services
  • 37:32 Diane talks about company culture and hiring staff

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