Ep #238: How Blockchain Technology will Forever Change the Real Estate Landscape — with Omar Caraballo

This episode of The Real Estate Investing for CashFlow Podcast is joined by Omar Caraballo, CEO & Co-Founder of Arch Real Estate Holdings.

Omar’s experience dates back to as far as he can remember. Born and raised in the RE development space, he has a long generational history of family in the business, spanning back to being mentored by his father.

With the growing advancement of blockchain technology and dozens of industries ripe for disruption however, Omar struck out on his own.

Arch Real Estate Holdings went on to become one of the first RE holding companies with assets digitized and exchanged using blockchain technology; one of the biggest benefits being immediate liquidity for a traditionally non-liquid asset class.

Omar goes on to elaborate and clarify what the blockchain is, how it’s useful in the RE space, and why it’s here to stay.


“A lot of people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies or bitcoin. But that’s really just a very minor component.”

“Blockchain is just a technology, like the internet. You can do all kinds of things with the internet, just like you can do all kinds of things with blockchain.”

“You can now buy and sell private placement securities through blockchain security trading platforms.”

“Puerto Rico is a hot opportunity zone for investors from all around the world.”


  • 6:28 Omar’s Background
  • 11:42 What is the difference between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency?
  • 14:11 How is blockchain technology integrated into Arch’s business model?
  • 22:11 What risks are associated with utilizing blockchain technology?
  • 28:15 What area of RE does Arch specialize in?

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