Ep #26: The 4 steps to building massive deal flow in your RE business – Part 1

Kevin Bupp headshotProbably one of the most common question we real estate investors (both new and experienced) want to know is; How do I find great properties and generate a steady stream of deal flow to my business in a consistent manner.

To be a successful RE investor, you need leads – a whole lot of them; in fact, the more leads you have coming in, the better chance you’ll find a great deal and succeed as a real estate investor. It’s as simple this equation; the more leads you have coming in will equate to more profitable opportunities that present themselves to you. Finding great investment properties is a numbers game and that “the quality is in the quantity.”

If you utilize the steps I discuss in this week’s show, I promise that you will find yourself in a situation where you’ll have many RE investment opportunities present themselves to you. In fact, if you do things right and follow my advice, you’ll be investing in only opportunities that meet your specific investment criteria – and will avoid the crap that doesn’t fit your target investment strategy.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify your target investment criteria (location, asset class, condition, size, construction type, amenities, target returns, etc)
  • How to have brokers and agents who specialize in your asset type bringing you good deals (pocket listings are the best and you’ll only get access to these types of deals if you have a solid relationship built with the broker/agent)
  • How to properly identify others who can help feed you deal flow (FSBO’s asset managers, attorneys, accountants, other investors, auctions, etc)
  • The different methods of prospecting and marketing and which ones are the best
  • How to qualify your leads to determine which ones best fit your target investment criteria
  • And much more…

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