Ep #38: Value-Add Multifamily investor and syndicator shares how he built his portfolio to 2,000+ units – with Michal Ballard

headshotIn 2006, Michal made the transition from single family home investments into buying and syndicating value-add multifamily properties in the Southeast U.S, where he has amassed a very impressive portfolio of 2,000+ Multifamily units and is currently adding an average of 500 additional units each year.

Making the leap from single family into multifamily investments is a great way to grow your business and start building massive amounts of passive income.  Michal shares with us both the challenges and lessons he has learned through his path to success as a Multifamily REI expert.

In addition, Michal walks us through one of his most recent value add multifamily acquisitions and speaks specifically to the step by step process of using Auction.com as a source of acquiring undervalued commercial real estate investments. You’re going to love Michal’s story.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How he successfully transitioned from single family investments into his first apartment acquisition
  • Why he loves apartment buildings and stays away from other asset classes
  • The steps you need to take in order to get investors begging you to invest their money in your deals
  • Why he  thinks that the best opportunities in multi-family are the ones priced within the $4-10 million range
  • Why he feels it’s smart for first timers to buy augmentin singapore buy a smaller 2-6 unit property for your first deal in order to help gain experience and build a track record
  • How he bases his interest in a market by whether or not Fannie Mae is lending there and why you should do the same
  • How to find hidden gems in the second tier markets
  • The details on how his funding structure is setup with his money investors
  • And much more…

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