Ep #61: Loopholes of Real Estate – With Garrett Sutton

8x10_garrettFinal304Our guest for this week’s show is Rich Dad Advisor, Asset protection specialist, and best-selling author, Garrett Sutton. In today’s show we’re going to speak with Garrett about his bestselling book, Loopholes of Real Estate.

Whether you’re a brand new investor or someone who has been investing for years, you’re goal should be to maximize your income and returns from your investment properties as well as protecting them from and in this book Garrett covers these two topics in detail as well as multiple others that are critical to your success as a real estate investor and I highly recommend you go and grab a copy for yourself.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why you need to think about asset protection NOW and get a strategy in place
  • The importance of building a team and who should be a part of it
  • Why leverage is your friend if used properly
  • The benefits of depreciation in investment real estate
  • How to completely defer capital gains taxes by using a 1031 exchange
  • Why LLC’s are the best entity structure for holding real estate
  • Why cash flow should always be your main objective
  • What you need to know about section 469(c)(7) of the tax code
  • And much more…

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