Ep #63: Tax Free Real Estate Investing and Asset Protection advice from Rich Dad Advisor – with Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright-1Our guest for this week’s show is Rich Dad Advisor, Tax strategist, and best-selling author, Tom Wheelwright. In today’s show we’re going to speak with Tom about his bestselling book, Tax Free Wealth and how we as Real Estate Investors can apply these principals to mitigate our tax exposure and keep more profits where it’s supposed to be – IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Whether you’re a brand new investor or someone who has been investing for years, you’re goal should be to maximize your income and returns from your real estate investments and legally keep as much in your bank account as possible without giving it all to Uncle Sam, which is exactly what you’ll learn in my discussion with Tom today.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why having a qualified tax strategist on your team is critical to your successes as a Real Estate investor.
  • How legally to run your business tax free
  • Why depreciation is a real estate investors best friend
  • The power of the 1031 exchange
  • The qualities to look for when seeking out a tax professional to bring onto your Real estate team
  • The reason why leverage needs to be part of your investment strategy
  • How to properly protect you assets from the 3 P’s which Tom explains as the Pirates, Predators, and Politicians
  • Why the team you surround yourself with is the single most important thing for your real estate business
  • Why you need to learn to delegate now and focus only on tasks which you are the strongest at
  • And much more…

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