Ep #67: Apartment, Student Housing, and SFR Investing all while working a Full-Time Job – with Mark Gagner

headshotThis week we speak with Mark Gagner who is founder of Bridge Equity Group, a multi-faceted real estate investment firm who specializes in medium and large size multi-family & student housing investments as well as high-end residential fix & flips.

Mark just started his real estate investing career 5 short years ago in 2010 and has since completed millions of dollars of flips as well as a few larger commercial acquisitions including a 172 unit apartment building as well as a 42 bed student housing property. He’s also learned the private capital game and was successful at raising a large chuck of the equity for the 172 unit apartment acquisition and this was all while still working a full-time job.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Mark was able to build a multi-million dollar real estate investment firm all while working a full-time job
  • How he is using fixing and flipping single family homes to fund his commercial real estate activities
  • The positive impact that a mentor/coach had on him during the beginning of his investing career and why he feels everyone should have a coach or mentor.
  • Why he feels that relationships are everything in this business
  • What excites him about the multi-family and student housing space
  • How he identifies emerging markets
  • How to gain credibility by partnering with other successful investors
  • The lessons he learned from cutting corners on a rehab
  • Why he suggests rewarding those who help you in your business (contractors, brokers, birddogs, etc)
  • And much more

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