Ep #70: Zero to 1,300 Apartment Doors in 5 years – with Chris Urso

headshotThis week we’re going to speaking with multifamily investment expert, Chris Urso.  Chris is the president and founder of URS Capital Partners and has one heck of an impressive story since he went from owning zero multi-family properties in 2010 to more than 1,300 doors today, and in addition to this he has raised more than $18 million of private capital to fund his growing real estate empire.

Chris is as real as they come and I’m positive that you’ll enjoy his story and gain a ton of value from what he has to share with us today.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What it took for him to realize that single family investing was a slow way to building massive wealth as a real estate investor
  • The story behind his first multifamily deal and what he learned from the experience.
  • How he was able to use the residential bird dogs he already had relationships with to help him find multifamily deals
  • The economic drivers he looks for in markets he invests in
  • Why you need to become an absolute expert in any given market before investing in it
  • Why he invests with a 1-5 year horizon in order to keep momentum going for his business
  • How he was able to persuade a partner with strong financials and wall street experience to get his first large 100 unit building done
  • Why he suggests using loopnet to source brokers for a particular market and asset type
  • Why he also suggests to not ignore overpriced deals on loopnet and to make an offer…no matter what.
  • Why he suggests to always do your due diligence and not take anyone’s word especially the brokers.
  • And much more

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