Ep #74: Strategies for Finding Private Money to Fund Your Real Estate Business – with Mark Hanf

This week we’re going to speaking with Mark Hanf who is president of Pacific Private Money Inc., one of the fastest-growing hard money loan brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded a short time ago in 2008, Mark built his company from the ground up and to over $100 million in loan originations in just four years and has attracted more than 500 private investors to his lending practice.

Private money is a very important topic as it’s somewhat the lifeblood of being a successful real estate investor. I have yet to meet a successful real estate investor who hasn’t used private money in one form or another in their business. In today’s show Mark shares some great pointers on how you the investor can start building your Rolodex of private investors who can help you fund your next deal.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the difference between hard money and private money because they are two completely different things.
  • Why every investor needs to create a credibility package prior to pursuing capital for their deals and what to place in this package even if you don’t have any real estate experience.
  • The best ways to find private individuals who are ripe for becoming for private lenders
  • Using meetup.com to find local real estate investment clubs to network and find potential partners and private investors
  • Attending self-directed IRA events to network and make friends with the attendees who are looking to use their IRA to invest.
  • Why you need to start your own meetup.com Real Estate club if there isn’t one in your area that meets your needs
  • Why your investors always need to get paid first, even before you get paid
  • Why he feels that relationships are everything in this business and are by far your most valuable asset.
  • How referrals from your existing investors play a major role in developing your private money database
  • And much more

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