Ep #81: Expert advice on becoming a Value-Add Investor and Successful Syndicator – with Craig Haskell from the Value Hound Academy

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Our guest for this week’s show is Real Estate Expert and founder of the Value Hound Academy, Craig Haskell. Craig has devoted over 25 years to value real estate investing, and has owned and managed 7,200 units and 2.8 million square feet of commercial space and provided advisory services on over $2 billion in value. Craig is also author of How to Take an Apartment Building from Money Pit to Money Maker, Secrets of Successful Apartment Buildings and A Guide to Creating Successful Apartment Advertisements.

Craig is also founder of the Value Hound Academy, which is a community of real estate professionals – agents, lenders, investors, managers and service providers who want to capitalize on today’s great buying opportunity, syndicating their own deals using a value investing approach.

Craig’s understanding of real estate value investing is reinventing the way value investors do business to achieve high risk adjusted returns. As an inspiring leader and in-demand speaker, trainer and coach, Craig has helped thousands of investors and organizations around the world to become more successful value real estate investors.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What attracted Craig to commercial real estate
  • When and how he finally realized that syndication was the way to wealth in commercial real estate
  • The lessons he learned from his first few deals
  • How he was able to acquire more than 1500 units within his first few years as a syndicator
  • What exactly syndication is and why you should start syndicating now if your goal is to big massive wealth as a real estate investor
  • The importance of a pitch book when raising capital from investors
  • Why it’s vitally important to have laser focus in this business if your desire is to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio.
  • How to get raise capital for your first deal even with zero track record by forming an advisory board
  • Why he suggests that your first commercial syndication should be a smaller sized deal, preferably under $1 million.
  • Which comes first, the deal or the money?
  • What the daily responsibilities of real estate a syndicator/sponsor are.
  • How you “the sponsor” can get paid multiple ways in a syndication
  • What Craig would have done differently in his RE business if he could go back and do it over again
  • How the changes in the general solicitation laws have made it easier to advertise your deals to potential investors
  • And much more

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