Ep #82: Strategic Market Analysis for Commercial Real Estate Investors – with Jeremy Cyrier

This week we’re going to be doing a follow-up interview with Commercial Real Estate Investment Expert and CCIM instructor, Jeremy Cyrier. Jeremy was one of our very first guest way back when we first started this show and I thought it would be awesome to bring him back on to get an update on his business and also cover a topic which I felt was very timely give our current market conditions.  Jeremy is going to share with us the step-by-step process of identifying the most promising real estate markets to invest in in order to find one that best meets your specific investment objectives.

Now remember, Jeremy is a CCIM instructor and a very successful broker and investor so what he’ll be teaching us today is the same curriculum that he teaches other elite industry players as well as practices himself within his own business. Today’s topic is one of those skills that we as an investor need to master if we want to truly succeed and thrive in this business.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why he’s transitioning out of his multi-family investments and into the suburban office class.
  • How to use free online tools that Jeremy shares with us to uncover strong US markets that might be ripe to invest in and also those that might be a little to overheated which means you should stay away
  • The effects of urbanization and the opportunities it might present with income properties which are located in the suburban markets.
  • What the difference of a financial driven and market driven property search is and which you should be using
  • The step by step process that Jeremy uses to identify potential markets to invest in – this is the same process that is taught through the CCIM curriculum.
  • How to use the free report offered by IRR.com to identify specific market data to assist you in choosing the  right markets to invest in.
  • How to identify what part of the market cycle your target real estate market is in.
  • And much more

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