Ep #87: Wisdom & Insights shared by Commercial Real Estate Investment Veteran – Jack Cummings

Jack Cummings HS (2)
Our guest for this week’s show is Real Estate veteran and best-selling author, Jack Cummings.  In today’s show we’re going to speak with Jack about his business, what he’s learned (and forgotten) over his 50+ years in the business and why he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Jack’s experience spans across just about every type of commercial real estate investing niche you can think of. From land investing, to ground up development, to re-positioning apartment properties…and just about everything in-between.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How he got his start after college by working with a hotel developer in Spain prior to moving back to the United States and starting his own real estate company.
  • How he’s made huge profits by purchasing raw land and changing its approved use and then selling to a developer and why he feels this is still a very viable way to make big bucks in commercial real estate.
  • Why he never worries about inflation and why he feels it’s a real estate investors best friend.
  • The lessons he learned during the savings and loan crisis of the late 80’s and early 90’s and how he was able to thrive during these tough economic times.
  • How to get the inside scoop of where development is going and what projects are currently in the works in your local market by meeting with the  local planning department and attending city council meetings.
  • The lessons he learned from a partnership that went south and how he could have avoided it altogether.
  • Why it’s necessary to first have the passion before you can expect to make money as a real estate investor.
  • Why performing due diligence is of no value unless you know exactly what you need to know before starring your due diligence on a property.
  • And much more…

Our Guest

  • Jack Cummings

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