Ep #89: What you need to know about Crowdfunding – with Dan Miller from Fundrise

Dan Miller is Co-Founder and President of Fundrise, the first and leading real estate crowdfunding platform. The first company to successfully crowdfund real estate, Fundrise brings world-class real estate investments to institutional, high net worth and retail investors throughout the United States.

Founded in 2010 by Dan and his brother Ben Miller, Fundrise has brought real estate crowdfunding to the mainstream, allowing anyone—accredited and unaccredited—to invest in property for as little as $100 per share, and as much as $10 million, and earn favorable returns (historically 12 to 14 percent).

At Fundrise, Dan is responsible for exploring and opening up new markets and vetting real estate projects. Dan also speaks across the country as one of the leading authorities on real estate crowdfunding.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What crowdfunding is and how it’s changing the real estate investment landscape as we currently know it by making investments available to the mainstream public.
  • How the JOBS act has changed the securities and investment laws that hadn’t been changed since the early 1930’s and what these mean for smaller investors.
  • The benefits that Fundrise provides both accredited and non-accredited investors who have an interest in participating in premium grade investments.
  • The step by step process that Fundrise goes through to vet their property offerings.
  • What separates Fundrise from all of the other crowdfunding sites out in the marketplace.
  • Why Fundrise funds all of their own projects with their own money prior to making these properties available to members of their website.
  • What advice Dan would give to someone who was attempting to raise capital for the first time.
  • What signs Dan looks for when trying to identify emerging real estate markets and why he refers to it as an art form, but one that can be learned.
  • What he would have changed if he could go back in time knowing what he knows now.
  • And much more

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