Ep #93: Learn How to Take Advantage of and Profit from Real Estate Tax Credit Programs – with Michael Zukerman

Our guest for this week’s show is Real estate investor, developer and Tax Credit Expert, Michael Zukerman. In case you’re wondering what Tax Credits are and how they play into the world of real estate development, let me give you a quick explanation. To encourage and promote the revitalization of cities and provide affordable housing by developers, the federal and state governments have created tax credit programs to incentivize investors and developers. These programs are very complex and can spell disaster to an inexperienced developer unless you know exactly how to navigate their murky waters, which is why we’ve decided to bring Michael onto the show.

Michael is a 30 plus year industry veteran and a leading authority in the complex world of tax credit programs, and is here today to help us better understand this exciting topic.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Michael got his start in the Real Estate industry and the numerous reasons he decided to direct most of his focus on the complex world of Tax Credits.
  • Michael will share with us specific details on projects that he and his team are actively working on today in the tax credit space.
  • The competitive advantage he gained by forming a partnership with someone who had an extensive background in construction management and why this is something you should also consider if you plan on venturing down the real estate development path.
  • The difference between the 4% and 9% low income tax credit programs and how to determine which is the best option for your particular project.
  • What a distressed census tracks is and how to locate and identify the ones that present the best opportunity for your low income tax credit development.
  • The pros and cons of getting into the low income tax credit game.
  • What type of qualifications potential residents must fit in order to be approved to live in one of these tax credit housing properties.
  • The opportunity to purchase existing 4% tax credit properties and convert them to market rental rates after the 15 year restriction expires.
  • Why he feels that there’s a correction coming in real estate sometime in the next few years and why you need to be prepared.
  • And much more

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