Ep #99: How to Rebuild Your Real Estate Business after a Massive Loss – with Raul Villacis

Our guest for this week’s show is Real Estate Investor and personal development expert, Raul Villacis. In today’s show Raul shares with us the path that took him from a hugely successful Real Estate investor with a multimillion dollar 150+ employee company, to a person struggling to keep his business afloat and barely having enough money to keep the lights on in his home and to feed his family. This business and personal crisis that Raul experienced was a direct result of the 2008 financial meltdown.

Raul will share with us intimate details on how he was able to rebuild not only his business but also his personal and family life.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How he got his start in Real Estate at the young age of 23 and within a few short years owned millions of dollars’ worth of investment real estate, a successful brokerage firm, c, and construction company.
  • He’ll share with us how his business was decimated by the recession of 2008 and went from employing more than 150 people to losing everything in a matter of months, only to slip into a deep personal depression before rebuilding his path to success.
  •  Why he attributes most of his downfall to not paying attention to the signs that the RE market was presenting and then allowing his ego and identity to control his decisions on not to sell during the peak.
  • Learn how experiencing this huge loss opened up a new door of opportunity in the distressed asset game and how he was able to capitalize on this and rebuild his business when many others were still drowning in their losses.
  • Why he says you need to uncover your true identity and what your core passions are if you ever want to experience true happiness and fulfillment in your life and business.
  • The system that Raul uses to reboot himself and continually perform at peak levels which he ultimately links to his success.
  • How anyone can achieve whatever goal they desire if they only break it down into small, easy to reach, actionable steps and how Raul applies this to both his business and personal life.
  • Why we should never ignore our gut feeling as it’s very rarely wrong.
  • The reasons he feels that technology will play a key role in how the future of Real Estate plays out and why you need to keep a close ear on all the new trends so you can be first to see how it might have a positive or negative impact on your business.
  • And much more

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