FBF #629: Building a Diverse Portfolio to Create a Business That Works For You — with Jerome Maldonado

Today’s Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #426, which originally aired on April 25, 2022.

Jerome Maldonado began his career in direct sales, where he was first introduced to team building, sales techniques, and real estate concepts.

In 1997, Jerome began to explore business outside the direct sales arena, which led him to be the pioneer of a new construction company which he took to seven figures in less than one year. With much success came the need for expansion. Understanding the simple concepts and benefits of leasing real estate, he purchased multi-use retail and commercial property to house his business. Over the span of his 20+ year real estate career, Jerome has done over $200 million in transactions, with $52 million in 2021 alone.


“I didn’t build this business model for you. I didn’t go out and say I was going to build an educational platform to teach people how to do this.  I built this business model for myself, for my family.”


06:33: How Jerome built his real estate experience in the construction industry

08:55: Jerome shares how he’s built a diverse business across several industries over the years

12:30: Why the key to moving past feeling is stagnant is mindset

13:40: Using NFTs in real estate investing

21:00: Unique ways of building Class A apartment complexes

24:50: How to build a real estate business that works for you

27:32: Protecting your investments when you know a change in the market is coming

36:30: Jerome’s toughest deal and got creative to move through it

Guest Website: https://jeromemaldonado.com/ 

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