FBF #632: Tampa Bay Real Estate, The Path of Progress, and so much more!- with Jeff Copeland

Today’s Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #402, which originally aired on February 28, 2022.

Jeff Copeland is a Real Estate Investment Expert and fellow Tampa Bay resident.

Jeff is the Co-Founder of Copeland Morgan, LLC, a multifaceted real estate firm that handles everything from direct investments, brokerage, property management, and construction services.


“I think there are still ways to stay competitive in [the Tampa Bay] market and one of them is the infamous Value-Ad property…negotiate and buy it based on how its performing now with a realistic plan for year 1, year 2, and what are we going to do to help it cash-flow better, generate more income, and reduce the expenses.”

“Rents are always going to lag real estate prices because most leases are locked in for a year or so, and so you see them jump on an annual basis where the sales prices go up on an even curve.”

“One of the things we don’t have in the Tampa Bay market is the high-wage jobs. We don’t have the Silicon Valley in our backyard…we are still a service-based economy, a tourism-based economy, a healthcare-based economy.”


02:32 – Jeff tells listeners more about his background in real estate.

06:32 – Jeff dissects Tampa Bay market growth.

08:26 – Jeff discusses how investors can stay competitive in his market.

10:24 – Jeff and Kevin talk about rent growth and trends.

16:04 – Jeff provides insight into investments trends outside of apartments and single-family based on Tampa’s competitive market.

17:31 – Jeff discusses opportunities for other investors across Tampa and different counties.

21:13 – Jeff dives into what he’s excited about outside of real estate.

22:54 – Jeff answers Kevin’s golden nugget question.

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