FBF #650: Taking Advantage of Shifting Needs in Commercial Real Estate — with CJ Follini

Today’s Flash Back Friday episode is from episode #510, which originally aired on November 7, 2022.

CJ Follini is the managing principal of Noyack Logistics, a public real estate investment trust that specializes in American logistics real estate infrastructure with core values based on the continued growth of eCommerce.

CJ’s experience spans more than 38 years as a leading investment expert on alternative real estate assets including healthcare, cold storage logistics, venture capital, media infrastructure, and Qualified Opportunity Zone development.


Don’t go for the last dollar in an inflationary environment – go for stability.


06:40: CJ’s first real estate deal at age 15

10:30: Lessons CJ has learned from operating in high inflationary environments in the past

14:00: Building your legacy using commercial real estate investment

17:01: Growth rates of ecommerce real estate needs and its projected trajectory

22:20: Taking advantage of opportunities in cold storage investments

25:00: Adapting usage of commercial properties as needs shift

28:00: Changing usage of parking structures as office needs change post-Covid

31:00: The future of single-use properties

Guest Website: https://noyackcapital.com/

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