FBF #676: Finding Off-Market Commercial Deals in Today’s Market — with Crystal Caruthers

Today’s Flash Back Friday episode is from episode #588, which originally aired on 5/7/23.

Crystal Caruthers is the co-founder of Chromis Capital, a value-add commercial investment group that specializes in industrial and retail assets. Crystal’s expertise lies in finding off-market bargains, dealing directly with sellers, and crafting creative win-win deals. Her business has been carefully built around the desire to be fully present with her husband and children all while lending the flexibility to travel as a family unit.  


I firmly believe in being educated on everything you might want to do. It’s well worth paying for some good education or else you learn it the hard way…which also costs money.


05:11: Using wholesaling to supplement your real estate investments

09:27: How commercial deals helped Crystal to scale faster

17:15: Breaking down Crystal’s first retail deal

23:00: Using auction sites to buy industrial properties

31:04: Crystal’s favorite way of finding vacant properties

32:09: How Crystal’s family is involved with her investment business

Guest Website: https://www.facebook.com/crystal.caruthers/

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