Getting Started During the Great Recession & Finding Success in the Male Dominated Industrial Sector – with Sarah Lancarte

Sarah is a true powerhouse in the Texas commercial real estate world. And ever better is the fact that she got her start right out of college as a young, driven woman fighting against a male dominated and sometimes-cutthroat industry. After a blistering 10 years of working her butt off and making her way to the top of various firms, she took entrepreneurial leap and starting her own commercial investment and brokerage firm and set her mark in the Texas Commercial real estate world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Sarah got started in her path to becoming a commercial real estate power player and ultimately why she decided to focus on the industrial sector
  • What steps Sarah took in her earlier years to quickly gain traction, even though it was during the tough years following the great recession.
  • The role a mentor played in both her personal development and business acumen, which she ultimately credits with her success in this industry
  • How she mastered the art of rejection early on and used it to fuel her passion to succeed.
  • The final catalyst that pushed Sarah to finally venture out on her own and take the massive leap of faith to start her own firm.
  • Sarah’s outlook on the influential role that marijuana will play in the long term demand for industrial property.
  • And much, much more…

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