FBF #731: Staying Humble in Work, Helping Others, and So Much More!

Today’s Flash Back Friday episode is from #314 that originally aired on March 16, 2021.

Thomas Jorglewich is the president and CEO of Toben Partners. 

Toben partners is a Christian centered real estate investment and management company guided by Biblical principles and a servant’s heart. They specialize in strip and neighborhood shopping centers ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 square feet in size. 


“I’m in the mode now where I’m trying to make a difference in something. I’ve stepped back to try to find out how I can give back something. I’ve been blessed, been very lucky.” 

“What worked for me, is put other people’s interest before you own.” 


3:18- Thomas shares his background 

6:27- Thomas talks about some of the challenges he faced with his first development property 

7:52- Thomas shares how his business has changed since he first began 

10:47- Thomas gives his opinion on the changes that the pandemic will bring about 

18:25- Thomas gives his opinion on if malls will be able to survive the pandemic 

22:08- Thomas talks about the most challenging deal he’s ever dealt with 

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