FBF #734: Learn the Secret to Generating Stable Cash Flow & Legacy Wealth with Parking Lot Investments

Today’s Flash Back Friday episode is from #270 that originally aired on Apr. 15, 2020.

For the last decade, Sunrise Capital Investors has focused exclusively on the niche of mobile home park investing. The niche aligns with our investment thesis and has served our investors well for many years. Our team was ahead of the curve, touting the merits of the asset class long before mobile home parks became the darling of private equity. Today, we see similar opportunity in another under-the-radar, niche real estate investment: parking.

Parking aligns with our investment thesis, and we feel the niche is roughly ten years behind mobile home parks in terms of the industry’s consolidation phase. This provides sufficient runway to roll up a nice portfolio of parking assets while the niche is still overlooked. The remainder of this special report outlines the top ten most attractive aspects of parking investments.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What’s driving the shrinking supply of available parking
  • The reasons behind the growing demand for parking
  • The fragmentation of ownership in parking that makes it ripe for a large consolidation effort
  • The unique NN and NNN lease structure that creates a very stable, cash flowing opportunity.
  • Why, at present, there is very low competition for this asset class
  • What makes for the ideal location of a great parking asset
  • How technology has played a major role in the parking sector, thus allowing owners to maximize revenue 24/7
  • The attractive low maintenance aspect of parking when compared to other investments such as Multifamily and Commercial Buildings.
  • The amazing tax benefits that parking benefits from including the accelerated 15-year depreciation schedule
  • What underlying fundamentals make parking an incredibly recession resistant investment
  • And much more…

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