#732 Shifting Perspectives: How Dyslexia Inspired a Serial Entrepreneur, Designer, Solar Farm Expert, and Real Estate Giant

Our guest for this week’s show is serial entrepreneur and real estate developer, Jerry Rosengarten. Jerry is a Brooklyn-born serial entrepreneur whose greatest skill is the extraordinary ability to perceive form and structure and opportunity from within disorder, including developing products to deal with dyslexia, reimagining real estate, and investing early and heavily in solar energy. Jerry’s first big win came in the 1970s with the Leisure Suit, which became a cultural fashion phenomenon that stoked his confidence and staked his growing desire to build land mark New York projects like the Lofts and the The Bowery Hotel. Today, Jerry owns one of the largest private solar farms in the Northeast, located on Long Island’s eastern tip, and his creative passions are focused on environmental stewardship and active advocacy for those suffering from learning disabilities.


5:25 – Starting the famous Leisure Suit / Lessons Learned

12:22 – Finding a Creative Space (property)

20:22 – Making The Worst location in NY Successful

26:23 – Growing Up with Dyslexia / Seeing Things Differently

34:26 – The Importance of a Supportive Spouse

Quote: “I jump on the train and take it to the end. Each-train are concepts are designs.”

Connect with Gerald “Jerry” Rosengarten: jumponthetrain.com

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