Transitioning from Duplexes to Large Mulitfamily, Building a Rockstar Team, and Scaling Your RE Business – with Reed Goosens

Reed is originally from Australia and moved to the US in 2011 for the love of two things: Firstly, his wife and secondly the big apple, NYC! Within the first year of living in the US he had purchased my first duplex for $38,000. This experience taught me a lot about the benefits of Investing for cashflow here in the US. Barriers to entry are a lot lower compared to his homeland of Australia.

Fast forward to today, Reed has gone on to start RSN Property Group, a multifamily syndication investing firm which has been involved in the acquisition of over $60 mill worth of real estates to date. In addition to his real estate investing endeavors, Reed also launched the podcast Investing in the US in early 2016 and is the author of two top selling real estate books.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to transition from buying small duplexes to large apt. communities.
  • How to create successful business ecosystems that will recession proof your business and establish true long term wealth.
  • How to successfully start syndicating large multifamily deals.
  • How to develop a strong personal brand.
  • How to cultivate a “top-notch” team and company culture
  • How to develop and scale a business
  • And much, much more…

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